sax sheet music [ ensemble | Sextet, Septet ]

sax sheet music [ ensemble | Septet ]


I have composed the theme music for the new sax ensemble. It is a commissioned work.

In Japan, the information originating from the local has attracted attention.
For example, "Business", "food", "content", "idle", "local character" ... etc.

1) local
2) cutting edge

I want to disseminate a new music culture from local.
I was named "frontier".

Saxophone Quartet + Piano
Saxophone Quintet
Saxophone Sextet
Saxophone Septet
Saxophone Octet
Flexible Ensemble


Saxophone Sextet

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March : Ungai Souten

When I'm listening to Band Competition qualifying local, idea of this song is born.

The march for me, it is not a music for like Sousa, military band march. To me, image as the opening song of the game music, such as "Dragon Quest" "Final Fantasy" is strong.

I wrote a march that contains the elements that said, "the beginning of the adventure," "expectations," "uplifting," "hope" and "confidence".

"Ungai Souten" is Japanese four-character idiomatic compounds. When you make efforts and overcome your difficulties, you can see the clear blue sky at last.

Saxophone Quintet
Saxophone Sextet
Saxophone Septet
Saxophone Octet


Saxophone Quintet

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3 Romances - for oboe or violin Op.94
Robert Schumann (1810-1856)

I have arranged the "Romance of the Three" of Schumann.
This song, written for violin and oboe.
Song of beautiful melody, has been drawn in a different character.

I have arranged for soprano saxophone player.
I think that to learn a phrase and a sense of tone, and a good material.
If it is good, how might it be to Try in addition to the repertoire?

Sax solo (Bb) Arrange
Soprano Sax + Sax Sextet

Sop Sax + Sax Sextet

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Meditation from Thais | Jules massenet(1842-1912)

It is the Meditation from the opera "Thais".
It is a famous song in the melody very beautiful.

I was arranged by the orchestra.
[Various sax + piano version]

I was arranged by the piano.
[Quintet, Quartet version]


Saxophone Septet + Piano(or SATB)

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