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Cello suite No.4 | J.S.Bach (1685-1750)

Cello suite No.4 BWV 1010
J.S. Bach (1685 - 1750)


1. Prélude
2. Allemande
3. Courante
4. Sarabande
5. Menuett I, II
6. Gigue

Baritone Sax [unaccompanied]

Divertimento in D major, K.136/125a
W. A. Mozart (1756 - 1791)

I arranged one of the most famous works of Mozart for saxophonism.
I heard that he composed at the age of 16.
I am amazed by the goodness of sense.

It was written as a string quartet.
You can play as string accompaniment by increasing the number of performers.

Sax can not use chords.
You can play the same part with more than two people.

 Saxophone Quartet [4sax]

 Saxophone Sextet [6sax]

 Saxophone Octet [8sax]

Radetzky Marsch / Johann Strauss I (1804 - 1849)

This song is the Vienna Phil's New Year's concert, played at the end of the program.

I think that this song can be used as an encore piece regardless of professional, amateur or student.


 Saxophone Quintet [5sax]

 Saxophone Sextet [6sax]

 Saxophone Octet [8sax]

 Large Sax Ensemble [13sax][29sax]

Ave verum corpus K.618 / W.A.Mozart (1756 - 1791)

I made it with the original key so that you can practice with various sound sources.
The problem is that there are many signatures (# 4 - 5) accordingly.

Because it is a simple song. Ideal as a material to learn expressiveness.

 Saxophone Quartet [4sax]

 Saxophone Quintet [5sax]

 Saxophone Sextet [6sax]

 Saxophone Octet [8sax]

Wind Quintet, Op.88 No.1 / Antonín Rejcha (1770 - 1836)

I chose this song to enhance the ability of "saxophone quintet".

The 1 & 4 movement has a high degree of difficulty. (Especially fugue)

If it is 2 & 3 movement, I think that you can play even in amateurs.
(2 Movement is a simple theme variant, it is easy to listen.)

 Saxophone Quintet [5sax]

Light Cavalry Overture / Franz von Suppé (1819 - 1895)

At the concert of the other day, I played the introduction fanfare.
It was popular with both customers and performers, so I made a full overture.

Because it is a well-known song, it is best as an introduction to classics.
It is an effective song in a scene where I want a little authentic sound.

 Saxophone Sextet [6sax]

 Saxophone Octet [8sax]

 Large Sax Ensemble [12sax]

Hungarian Dance No.5 / Johannes Brahms (1833 - 1897)

It is a short song, and it is an active song with a fast tempo.
It is an easy-to-use work by event planning.

Arrangement was done with original piano duplicate version (F # minor).

After that, I changed it to the tones of the orchestra (G minor).

It is a key to easy to play with wind instruments.

 Saxophone Quartet [4sax]

 Saxophone Quintet [5sax]

 Saxophone Sextet [6sax]

 Saxophone Octet [8sax]

 Large Sax Ensemble [12sax]

12 Variationen über ein französisches Lied "Ah, vous dirai-je, maman"
W.A.Mozar (1756 - 1791)

The original is a "love song" of the young woman.
This song is a variation of the song that was also well known as a "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" or "ABC ...".

Simple sound is ideal for ensemble of small organization.

Fast phrase of some of the piano, it may be necessary to devise to meet the performer. (Variation 7, 10, 12 ..., etc.)

Saxophone Quartet
Saxophone Quintet

La cinquantaine (Golden wedding)
Gabriel-Marie (1852 - 1928)

This Pieces to be played in various scenes as a song of celebration.

For me, it is "M. Mule" familiar songs that grew up listening to the sound source.

I am used to the sound of the training even now.
It is such a tone and phrases sense of stringed instruments.

This is the arrangement that is based on a piano solo. The solo Mule arrangement, different tonality. It is an ideal material to learn the basics of the ensemble.

Saxophone Quartet
Saxophone Quintet

Symphony No 5, Op 67 (L.v.Beethoven) 2016/05/30

It is one of the songs I want to play someday.
Although the implementation still needs time.
I made a score. To complete, it took about two to three months.

Ideally, I want to play as shown below.
[Strings] Saxophone
[Winds & Percussion] original instruments

Needless to say, it is a masterpiece

 Large Sax Ensemble

An der schönen blauen Donau 2016/04/26

Not the orchestra,
it was arranged a saxophone version from the piano version.
Of the song,
"tonality" is the same specification all.

I was also playing for the first time Viennese waltz.

Because I think that there is also a part that can not be understanding of the representation from the musical score.
By practice together with the sound source, you should brush your senses.

Saxophone Sextet
Saxophone Octet

soRa 2016/04/17

Composed in the voice recorder on the day of cloudless weather.
Such that want the lyrics, it is a fine ballad.

I am aware of the fusion of Classical and UK Rock.

* It was renewed sound source.[4sax][5sax][8sax]

Alto Sax + Piano [original]
Soprano Sax + Piano
Saxophone Quartet
Saxophone Quartet + Piano
Saxophone Quintet
Saxophone Octet

Tropical ・ Phrase 2016/04/14

Coincidentally, I had the opportunity to play original songs as a duo.
I tried to make like summer, feminine image.
This song was composed I do not use the blue note or notes tension.

Saxophone Duo
Saxophone Sextet

SAKURA - 2016 - 2016/04/11

Continuous cropping is a series "Sakura".

Because there are a lot of steep job this year, it is to start writing a song was slower.
However. Flowers in until fall I was able to finish writing a song.

Recently, I have been a music production in the arrangement main.
It was composed of 1 years.

Saxophone Quartet
Saxophone Quintet

Polovetsian Dances A. P. Borodin(1833 - 1887) 2016/02/09

[Winds & Harp] [6sax]
Sop Sax 1,2,
Alto Sax 1,2
Tenor Sax
Baritone Sax

[Winds & Harp] [8sax]
Sop Sax 1,2,3
Alto Sax 1,2
Tenor Sax 1,2
Baritone Sax

[Strings] [10sax (and more)]
Sop Sax 1,2,
Alto Sax 1,2,3
Tenor Sax 1,2
Baritone Sax 1,2

 Large Sax Ensemble

Pictures at an Exhibition
Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky (1839-1881) 2015/04/02

I've arrangement from piano version rather than the orchestra version.

This arrangement is the number of mid-bass is a little large.

"Old Castle" for the saxophonist is one of the important songs.
Ravel version and a piano version, will vary the length of the song.
However, it was arrangement is as closer.

I was conscious "change of tone", "breath".

For ensemble contest (Japanese Standards)

As compact as possible.
In some songs, it requires replacement of the instrument.

 Saxophone Sextet [6sax]
 Saxophone Octet [8sax]
 Saxophone Dectet [10sax]

Horn Sonata No.5, Op.24
Beethoven, Ludwig van (1770 - 1827) 2015/08/07

I have felt that the tenor sax arrangement is less.

Horn (except pedal tone) and the tenor sax is a close range.

This song was made for the horn or cello.
There are elements of both "wind and stringed instruments."

With elements of "stringed and wind instruments", compatibility with the tenor sax is good.
It is also ideal for the student of solo.

Piano music, from the music site of the public domain, download.

Horn Sonata, Op.17 (Beethoven, Ludwig van) [IMSLP]

Sax solo (Bb) Arrange

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